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Polygone 3D is the great new puzzle game from Oxide Software.

    In Polygone 3D you need to build shapes using the blocks you find falling into the arena.

Blocks that are the same colour will join together,  allowing you to make different shapes.

 Use Polyboy to push the blocks together to make the required shape and  it clears from the arena.

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Polygone Arena

If you get really good you can try the 5-Set or the mind bending  3D shape challenge.

More blocks are always falling down so you have to  keep this up to keep the arena clear.

You can also score more points by building the shapes  in 3D. The taller the shape, the higher the score!

    3 Game styles:

       PolyFun - A challenge that starts simple but soon becomes frantic.

       Polygone - The classic challenge.  What level can you reach?

       PolyPower - A wide range of challenges spread over 4 map. New challenges include color goals, fixed rotation, color floods and pre-fills

    Multiplayer - Battle against another player on the same machine. Challenge Polygirl to a battle where the first one to complete the shape sends their blocks to their opponents side!

    3  Block sets - From the classic set to the amazing 3D set, each variation gives you a great new challenge.

    6 styles of blocks let you tailor your game to your favourite style.

    Challenge - Challenge mode lets you try to get the  best score for a fixed game. You can then challenge a friend  to beat your score in that challenge.

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